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Adam Hathon

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I'm an experienced automation engineer and software developer, proficient in C, C++, and C#, along with a variety of other languages and frameworks.

With over 5 years of expertise in automation engineering, I've completed numerous unique projects, handling everything from initial fabrication to final implementation. My work includes designing circuits using CAD, creating prototypes in SolidWorks, and developing custom firmware for embedded systems. Additionally, I have written software to interface with electrical testing equipment.

I thrive on new challenges and continually seek opportunities to expand and refine my skillset.

Credentials / Education

Automation Engineer

Feb 2022 - Present / Tech Etch

RESPONSIBILITIES: Designing control boxes for 6 axis robot arms and programs to automate processes. Evaluating parts and their electrical test data during the manufacturing process and compiling data for the customer, as well as everything that the previous position included.

KEY SUCCESS: Designed a control box, program and peripherals for a robot cell used to assemble and test medical circuits which involved merging lay-up and electrical test.

Engineering Technician

Apr 2018 - Present / Tech Etch

RESPONSIBILITIES: Writing software to interface with electrical test equipment. Devising solutions for various issues that make the manufacturing process more efficient. Writing excel macros to compile electrical test data.

KEY SUCCESS: Designing the Arduino pagers that greatly improved yield on the manufacturing process.

Electrical Engineer

Associate of Science in Engineering / 2017 / Bristol Community College

EDUCATION TAKEAWAY: Calculus, SolidWorks, CAD.

Foundational C# with Microsoft

Issued Oct 2023 / freeCodeCamp / Show credential

IPC J-STD-001 Certification

Issued May 2018 / Tech Etch / Credential ID: J001-T1808319349

CSWA - SolidWorks

Issued Dec 2016 / Dassault SystèmesDassault Systèmes / Credential ID: C-W4PJ7L4YDW










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Pneumatics Robotics Machine Vision SolidWorks 3D Printing


I've designed a control box for a robot cell that contained the pneumatics and I/O needed to automate the production of medical implantable circuits. I've optimized the process to be fast and efficient.

I've also written the program for the robot that executes the motions of the process, using vision to find parts and merge them. Additionally, I've designed and 3D-printed various tools, fixtures and prototype wrists used in the process.

C++ Arduino Microelectronics Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design AutoCAD SolidWorks 3D Printing


A paging system I have designed from the ground up to notify the user of specific events. I’ve designed the circuit around an arduino feather m0 micro-controller to be able to activate a vibration motor and turn on an LED.

I’ve designed the board layout in AutoCAD and the pager enclosure in SolidWorks. I’ve written the arduino program using a custom protocol that would allow for transmitters to single out certain pagers if need be.

C++ Godot gdextension Quad trees Node Graphs Procedural Generation


A procedural generation library I originally started developing in order to learn data structures like quad trees for LOD and generators such as perlin noise. It quickly evolved as I dove deeper down the rabbithole of planetary generation.

I began porting it to Godot via gdextension to leverage node graphs as a means to generate terrain.

C++ GLFW GigE Linux Machine Vision


A rendering engine written in C++ and GLFW that takes live feed from a machine vision camera over GigE and allows the user to do point to point measurements and save screenshots and measurement data. The code was specifically designed for a Linux environment.

I’ve designed the board layout in AutoCAD and the pager enclosure in SolidWorks. I’ve written the arduino program using a custom protocol that would allow for transmitters to single out certain pagers if need be.


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I am eager to join your team and contribute my diverse expertise, tenacity and passion.

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